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Themes: domestic violence, IPV, femicide, behind closed doors, timeless human behavior

Description: This artwork consists of two textile covered walls onto which were hung groupings of picture frames as one might find in a residential setting. The frames contain correspondence originally acquired in 1991 from inmates at the California Institution for Women incarcerated for killing their intimate partners. My first project on domestic violence titled, 'Knowledge isn't Everything" also integrated these letters. The current iteration underscored the relevancy and timeless nature of the content as providing portraits of lives irreversibly destroyed as a consequence of this behavior.

Date: 2019
Dimensions: Walls (x2) 144” x 79” x 4.5” / Carpet and side table 74” x 26”
Installation: Behind Closed Doors 2021, O'Connor Group Art Gallery, Chilliwack Cultural Centre, Chilliwack BC

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