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As a conceptually-based, mixed media artist, over the past three decades I have been engaged in the creation of an oeuvre that reflects upon issues arising from personal experiences garnered, and/or witnessed while living in a time of cultural, social and technological change. This has provided me with endless fodder upon which to reflect in my art-making practice.

Much of my current work contextually builds upon former work which continues to be focused on concerns not that dissimilar in content. It reflects an expressed tension between disillusionment and hope, between the natural and unnatural as I continue to question human impact on the environment. The work serves as a platform for visual commentary where I cross-pollinate often diverse materials and processes in service of the conveyance of greater conceptual intentions.

As a second generation immigrant to Canada, I am a guest on this land and grateful to be able to live and create work on the unceded territory of the Stó:lō Coast Salish peoples of British Columbia.

MFA - California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California USA
BA - California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California USA
Associate - Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Ontario Canada
Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, Washington USA


Canada Council for the Arts

British Columbia Arts Council

Pilchuck Glass School

California Institute of the Arts

Ontario College of Art Medal

W.O. Forsythe Award

summarized cv and exhibition overview available upon request:

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