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Behind Closed Doors

Themes: domestic violence, IPV, femicide.

Description: Thi
s exhibition consisted of eight individual works that collectively intended to serve as a visual eye-opener in drawing attention to the magnitude of violence against women and girls from an intimate to global perspective.

I was stimulated to create this body of work in reflection of my first installation about domestic violence of three decades ago, thinking at the time the situation was out of control... when today, according to the WHO, we are dealing with a massive global epidemic where one in three women have been been subjected to intimate violence and abuse.

Date: 2021
Dimensions and materials: variable
Installation: O'Connor Group Art Gallery, Chilliwack Cultural Centre, Chilliwack BC

ork in this project exhibition include:
Every Nine Seconds
4,000 and Counting
What are the Chances
Affairs of the Heart

The exhibition was supported by the British Columbia Arts Council.
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