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While actively involved in environmentally related projects I also explore other avenues of conceptual and/or involving technological interests.

Wabi Sabi


While wabi sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that represents a timeless perspective on life, it resonates across cultures. It has been inspirational throughout my life and led to the creation of a collection of lens-based digitally woven jacquard tapestries. The imagery involves a series of images taken at wabi sabi moments in my life that capture life’s impermanence in slow-motion  –  always changing, never to be replicated.

Natural abstractions, vignettes of everyday life reflect the beauty of imperfection, irregularity and texture: colorful, sun-drenched San Miguel de Allende plaster walls chipped, broken, patinated with age and human intervention – stark black and white messaging on a LA side-street soon to be faded in the California sun – red construction hoarding with Hanzi markings along the historic Shanghai boardwalk concealing a plethora of yet-to-be-opened benign high-end boutiques globally found anywhere – patterns on a vintage Shibori textile in a Osaka shopkeeper’s window. 

Following is a selection from the collection.

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