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Knowledge Isn't Everything


Themes: domestic violence, IPV, femicide, social indoctrination imparting values and ideologies.


Description: This project involved the solicitation of written content from inmates at the California Institution for Women incarcerated for having killed their significant others as a result of these circumstances. Their responses were individually inserted into a set of 14 re-bound 'Books of Knowledge' the pages of which were rebound blank with the exception of one double page spread that was culled and reproduced from the original books. The book spreads spoke of various aspects on 'how-to' lead a perfect home life which were matched to the received correspondence.


This project has been exhibited in varying iterations: Black + Blue, 1992, Fly on the Wall, 2013, Consequences, 2021, each focusing on various aspects of the content reinforcing the tragically timeless nature of the topic.

Date: 1992

Dimensions: Variable

Artwork by conceptual artist Krista Kilvert showing a set of Books of Knowledge converted to elicit issues surrounding the problems associated with domestic violence. Spines have been altered to show the names of women incarcerated for having killed their abusive partners. Each book contains a letter from these women explaining their situations.
Stack of converted Books of Knowledge showing letters from inmates of the California who killed teir partners due to domestic violence.Institution for Women
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