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Themes: consumer culture, burden of owning, drowning in a sea of stuff.

Description: Thirteen cast concrete anchors (bakers dozen) embedded with
a diversity of misc everyday objects were installed in a formation. Neon text spelling out the word ‘DROWNING’ was mounted at the top of surrounding walls to create an all encompassing and visually immersive underwater atmosphere. The neon color of letters ‘DR’ were a different tone from the letters ‘'OWNING’. This artwork was exhibited in various locations including that of a vacant retail space in an active mall allowing viewers to critically contemplate upon the nature of consumption.

Date: early 1990's
Dimensions: Each 12" x 12" x 16"
Installation: Works Festival 1992,
Manulife Shopping Centre, Edmonton, AB

Installation artwork titled "Drowning" installed in an empty shop in a downtown shopping mall in Edmonton Alberta. Viewers got a sense of being under water upon entering the installation having been drowned in needless consumer goods.
As a consumer society we have fallen victim to having too much stuff! This artwork depicts components of our need own stuff as concrete weights that represent our drowning from over consumption.
Installation image from the works festival in edmonton alberta. Neon letters on wall spell the word drowning which appropriately includes the word owning.
Installation view from the exterior of the installation. Installation was located in a shopping mall in Edmonton Alberta. The piece depicts how society is drowning in consumer goods.
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