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4,000 + Counting


Themes: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, results of the MMIWG Canadian Inquiry, Canadian indigenous history


Description: This piece is comprised of 4,000 individual pieces which serve to symbolically honor the spirit and lives of those lost - whose hopes and dreams for the future were viciously robbed from them. The individual lightweight plastic pieces involved are suspended and gently move with the ambient airflow while reflecting surrounding light. The work represents the dark reality of this shameful statistic and the disgraceful burden that Canada must carry forward as a part of it’s history.

Date: 2021

Dimensions: 96” X 60” x 3”

Installation: Behind Closed Doors 2021, O'Connor Group Art Gallery, Chilliwack Cultural Centre, Chilliwack BC

An artwork by Krista Kilvert presenting a shimmer wall with 4,000 shimmer panels representing and honouring the 4,000+ murdered and missing indigenous women and girls in canada.
behind-closed-doors-exhibition-kilvert-mmiwg-missing-murdered-indigenous-domestic violence
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