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While actively involved in environmentally related projects I also explore other avenues of conceptual and/or involving technological interests.

Moments Re-imagined

This ongoing body of lens-based work explores the representation of memory and moment utilizing digital technology in both creation and final production. The significance and function of memory captured my focus over the seven year period that I was the 24/7 care-giver of my mother after she suffered a massive stroke resulting in vascular dementia.

Working with a singular image (typically travel-related conjuring up personal memories of moment and place) I digitally deconstruct, manipulate, transform and reconstruct an image into an abstracted and altered version of itself - not unlike memories which can be a colorful and/or distorted version of a former moment. The original serves as the informational palette from which to create a symbolic metaphor of memory. While all digital attributes of the original are inherently retained, they have undergone a digital mash-up to arrive at a new visual narrative - that being...the proverbial fish story that just keeps getting bigger and bigger over time.


Wabi Sabi


While wabi sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that represents a timeless perspective on life, it resonates across cultures. It has been inspirational throughout my life and led to the creation of a collection of lens-based digitally woven jacquard tapestries. The imagery involves a series of images taken at wabi sabi moments in my life that capture life’s impermanence in slow-motion  –  always changing, never to be replicated.

Natural abstractions, vignettes of everyday life reflect the beauty of imperfection, irregularity and texture: colorful, sun-drenched San Miguel de Allende plaster walls chipped, broken, patinated with age and human intervention – stark black and white messaging on a LA side-street soon to be faded in the California sun – red construction hoarding with Hanzi markings along the historic Shanghai boardwalk concealing a plethora of yet-to-be-opened benign high-end boutiques globally found anywhere – patterns on a vintage Shibori textile in a Osaka shopkeeper’s window. 

Following is a selection from the collection.

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