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This exhibition represents select groupings of work culled from several distinct bodies of work created from 1993 - 2020. Conceptually linked in their focus on environmental, technological and social changes experienced during my lifetime, the content holds a continuum of relevancy today. As a mix-media artist, I cross pollinate ideas, processes and materials in an effort to convey visual messaging that connects or refers to the world that surrounds me.

Fraser Valley II

107" X 55"

Dye sublimation on polyester, stainless steel


Cultivating Data, 1993 (set of 5)
 72” x 60” x 8”
Reclaimed garden tools, vintage circuit boards, wood


Evolution of Greed, 1996 | 2020
32.25” x 12” x 4”
Vintage conveyor, vintage circuit boards, feather w nib, bottle, oil, wood, acrylic


SOS, 1997
16” x 24.5” x 2”
Antique Teleplex morse code key, vintage circuit board, aluminum

Turf Wars, 1998
16” x 24.5” x 4”
Vintage Circuit boards, wire connectors, aluminum


Motherboard, 1998
37” x 27.5” x 4.5”
Vintage circuit board, silicone nipples, steel, hardboard


Remains of the Day, 2006  X6 (series of 12)
35" X 47" X 1.5"
Photographic transfer, galvanized metal, lacquer, shellac, stains, pigments, pulverized rust

QUE SER SERA-0590.jpg

Que Sera Sera, 2006 

POMPELIUS-0585 copy.jpg

Nautilus Pompeilius, 2006


Same Old Story, 2006

PRAYIN  AIN'T-0588 copy.jpg

Prayin' Ain't Enough, 2006


Reflection, 2010 | 2020
32” x 32” x 6”
Glass w image transfer, cast crystal leaves with dichroic, natural rock, pheasant feathers


Rationing, 2010
12” x 12” x 1.25”
Pate de verre hand cast with dichroic to crystal glass


Altered - Fraser Valley I, 2020
108” x 57”
Dye sublimation on polyester stainless steel

Boomerang, 2020 - Bailey Landfill
122” x 57” x 2"
Dye sublimation on polyester stainless steel


Burning Down the House, 2009 | 2020 (Tribute to Greta Thunberg’s passion)
18” x 18” x 4.75”
Glass w image transfer, cast house form plate glass


Devolving into the Future, 2020
76.5” x 16” x 10”
Glass w image transfer, cast crystal glass leaves and canoes, fossilized mammoth tusk, natural vines


Wishing Well, 2010 | 2020
32” x 32” x 9”
Glass w image transfer, cast crystal w dichroic, sea fan, nautilus shell, coins, glass and plastic pollutants retrieved from the ocean



Altered - Fraser Valley VIII - Carbon Footprint, 2020
107” x 55”
Dye sublimation on polyester, aluminum


Temperature Rising, 2020
Script - "No one is free... even the birds are chained to the sky." Bob Dylan
48” x 66” x 1.5”
Cradle board, lace, silicone, vintage temperature gauge


Welcome to Oblivion, 2020
8" x 14” x 8”
Glass cloche, wood, scale model people, natural sea shells cohabiting larger sea organism